This afternoon, like usual, I went up into the back of our yard where I have secret hiding spot to masturbate. I was doing just that when suddenly I heard something, like a phone falling to the ground next to me. I was shocked to see my stepbrother, Jake, who was apparently up on the big oak tree above me and recorded me masturbating! I couldn't believe it, I asked him to give me his phone but of course he refused. I wanted to see exactly what this little perv likes jerking off to. So he told me if I really want to know, it's my pretty feet. I thought it's actually kinda hot and kinky. Being the little slut that I am, I started to play with the idea of having him suck on my toes. Plus, since he came down during my masturbation session, I was still horny and my pussy still soaking wet. So I told him if he goes onto his knees, I will let him suck on my toes. He went down on his knees right away and I started to tease him with my sexy tattooed feet. He began licking and sucking on my soft feet and toes. It felt amazing. I couldn't wait to feel his hard cock down my throat. While I was gagging on his huge dick, it became so slippery and messy, it was perfect for a really slutty footjob. He bent me over, fucked me, and made me cum so hard on his big cock while he looked at my sexy soles and my spreading toes. He continued to fuck my pussy so good while sucking on my sexy feet and toes. Then he made me ride his cock with my soles up before jerking him off so he could cum all over my slutty feet and toes. Cum on feet is so hot, I think it's going to be a new fetish of mine. Starring: Penny Archer, Jake Adams. (Video duration: 40:41)

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