I was so excited packing my suitcase and getting ready to leave for college when my phone rang. It was one of the administrators from school saying that my last tuition payment didn't go through; therefore I can't start the semester. I called my mom who was supposed to pay; but she said she can't pay until next month. WTF, I thought. I need to figure out something to get the money I needed for my tuition. Then a light bulb went off and I remembered our next door neighbor, Stirling. He's a bachelor and always checks me out whenever he sees me. I was thinking for sure he'd like to have some fun. I know he doesn't have a girlfriend so I thought I'd take my chances and ask him if he would like to have me as his sugar baby; and in exchange, he will give me the money I need to start college. So I put on a sexy pair of skinny jeans with a purple top and some sexy see-through high heels and walked over to his house. Soon after he let me in, we sat down in the living room and I told him about my idea. He was surprised but he said he likes the idea with one condition: He has a foot fetish and he'd like to worship my pretty feet and suck on my toes whenever he likes. I told him it's no problem because I love to get my feet and toes licked and sucked on. He gently lifted up my feet and pulled off my shoes to reveal my bare feet. He must have loved what he saw because I could see his dick getting hard in his pants. I raised my feet toward his mouth and told him that he can suck on my toes if he wants to...of course he did just that. He even licked between my toes which turned me on so much. My pussy was soaking wet just thinking about him sliding his big hard cock into my slutty juicy pussy. I took his cock out and placed my soft soles on it. Then he put my shoe back on my foot and stuck his cock between my sole and and the shoe. It was so hot. I gently played with his cock, kicking it up and down, before giving him a sexy and slutty footjob. Then he put me on my stomach and made me grab my ankles so he could fuck my face. I was drooling all over his cock and balls while he was gagging and choking me. I couldn't wait to feel his huge cock inside my juicy hole. He fucked me so hard I lost count of how many times I came all over his fat dick. He sucked on my toes and worshiped my slutty feet while pounding my slutty wet pussy. At the end, he busted his huge load of warm cum all over my sexy feet. Cum on feet is so slutty. To top it off, he made me put my see-through high heels back on again so his thick cum could smear into them. What a slutty episode, I'm glad he lives next door. This is actually a pretty easy and fun way to fund my education. Starring: Kylie Rocket, Stirling Cooper. (Video duration: 47:10)

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