I want to become a nurse and work with kids, Kali West said. The editors recommended Kali work with old geezers instead and wear a tight candystriper's uniform with high heels. I don't know if they can handle me! Kali replied. But I love kids. Hot chicks. They never listen. The camera really loves Kali. She's one of the quietiest beauties but her gorgeous bod does all the talking. It's weird seeing yourself on camera, but in another sense it's really cool because I'm like, 'That's me!' I wear clothes that accentuate my curves. When I'm out in public, you can definitely tell that I'm a woman. I know some women with big boobs try to hide their chests, but not me. I dress to show off my chest and my butt, and if I get a lot of attention, fine. ... (Video duration: 20:06)

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