I woke up one morning and, as usual, went to turn the tv on but it didn't work. I called my boyfriend to help me out so he called the cable company. They said someone will be here in less than an hour. The cable guy arrived pretty quick actually. I opened the door and there was this handsome young man with a toolbox in his hand. I showed him where the tv is and left him to do his job. In the meantime, the little slut in me kept saying "he's so cute, I should just fuck him; no one will ever know." My boyfriend went off to work so I knew we would be alone for a while. I changed into a slutty lingerie with a long robe and paired it with sexy open-toed high heels. I walked to the tv room and asked him if he needs anything. As he looked up, I opened my robe so slightly, just enough to show off my hot curvaceous body and my sexy lingerie. He couldn't believe his eyes. I told him I'd be in the living room if he needs anything and I walked away. I sat on the sofa, spread my legs, and started to touch myself. It didn't take too long for him to show up in the doorway; staring at me rubbing my wet pussy. He stepped closer and made out with me. It was so hot...just like a cliche porn scene. He worshiped my succulent breasts and curves as he went down to my feet and removed my heels. He started to smell my feet while gently rubbing my soles on his face. As soon as he started sucking on my toes I got so turned on I just couldn't wait any longer for him to put his huge cock in my mouth. After a sloppy blowjob, he grabbed my feet, wrapped them around his cock and told me to jerk him like that. It was all so new and hot that I needed to feel his throbbing cock inside me. In the two hours he fucked me, I came so many times I can't count. He also busted a bountiful load all over my sexy blue-pedicure feet. Starring: Ivy Lebelle, Bill Bailey. (Video duration: 36:25)

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