Jane Wilde & Ryan Mclane: Jane's foster mother is eager to kick her out of the house the moment she turns eighteen. She's jealous of the sexual tension building between Jane and her husband, Ryan. Instead of looking for apartments Jane spends her time reading erotic stories on DILFfantasies.com. She becomes obsessed with a tale that reminds her of her foster father--because it was written by him. When she confronts Ryan about this, he takes Jane to a hotel so they can discuss their attraction away from the prying eyes of his wife. Afraid that this may be his last chance to confess his feelings for his daughter before she moves out, he kisses her. She does not shy away from the encounter. She strokes his cock through his khakis as he fingers her under her school, girl skirt. She whispers in his ear about how much she wants to feel her daddy's thick dick in her silky pussy. She takes his growing cock in her tiny hands and starts sucking it. Then he buries his tongue in her cunt and to prepare the hole to get fucked savagely. Jane has been waiting for this moment for years, and she quickly realizes the wait was worth it. She moans with ecstasy while Ryan attempts to quiet her so as not to get found out by the other hotel guests. Soon they give up trying to be quiet and just grind into each other with force. Jane has several quivering orgasms on his cock. Each time she cums her pussy clinches even tighter coaxing out every last drop of her step-daddy's cum.

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