Lia Lin was very excited about the Halloween party. There was a guy from college that she has been crushing on all semester and she had planned to finally make a move. Dressed in a sexy black angel costume, she knew she looked good and hoped to get his attention and his cock before the night was up. Lia was unfamiliar with the host of the party and had trouble finding the apartment. She finally knocked on a door hoping she had arrived at the correct address. When she sees a strange man open the door, she knows she is not in the right place. With such a skimpy costume, she didn't have room for her phone, but he invites her in to use his to call for directions. The older man can't take his eyes off Lia and there is something about him that she finds intense and attractive. In this VR porn episode, she starts to flirt a bit, letting her costume ride up to show off her body. He likes what he sees and his lusty stare has Lia ready to do anything she can to please the handsome stranger. His cock pops from his pants, long and hard as she slowly drops to her knees. His cock soon shines with spit from her mouth as he presses it against her tight pussy. Lia takes every throbbing inch, delighting in the wicked thrill of knowing the feel of his shaft before she even knows his name. Bouncing on his big dick makes her cum all over his cock and she knows he is just seconds away from filling her with his seed. Before she has to worry about that, he stands up and feeds her a huge load of cream. Who needs a party when she can get all she wants from a hot, mysterious stranger? (Video duration: 42 min)

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