Lounging by the pool, dark-haired stunner Harley Dean shows off her slim body in a sparkly light green bikini set. Busy taking photos, she does not notice that her best friend, Jay Romero, was watching and admiring her. Harley warmly greets him when she spots him on the balcony, but the brunette hunk rushes away. The caramel-skinned beauty gets ready for her date, modeling her body-hugging outfit and favorite heels for Jay before leaving him to house sit. It was already dark out by the time Harley arrived home, a frown on her pouty lips as she walked in and said her date was a bust. She tells her friend what happened during her date, mentioning how the man Harley met did not like her heels and French pedicure. Jay consoles her, telling her that she's beautiful, then admits that he has a foot fetish and would love to show how much her pretty soles affect him. Getting down on his knees, Harley's best friend removes her heels slowly and starts to caress, kiss, and suck parts of her sexy feet. With heated eyes, the curvy babe watches on as Jay sloppily gives her the foot worship she deserves. Harley forgets about her bad mood and gets turned on even more. The man thoroughly licks Harley's pussy after she takes off her shorts before he gets teased with a footjob when he undresses. Neither can take the tension anymore, so Jay slides his lengthy hard cock into her wet pussy in missionary. They then move onto the white couch to indulge in sideways cowgirl, cowgirl, and doggy, while Harley gives a blowjob or Jay sucks on her toes in between switching. The two horny friends end up spooning, both close to the edge, with moans filling the room before Jay releases his hot cum all over Harley's sexy feet. She then sucks her toes as she cleans the cum on her feet. Starring: Harley Dean, Jay Romero. (Video duration: 55:41)

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