Una Fairy is the star swimmer for her college team. She trains hard, gets good grades, and has little time for a social life. With so much time spent around the team at the training facility, she has developed a huge crush on her handsome coach. Taking a break from her rigorous schedule, she asks him to shoot pool with her and does her best to let him know that she is interested in him. She flirts and even flashes him her tits, but he shoots her down. She is a student and he is a coach. They cannot be involved in that way. Not willing to just give up, Una breaks out a special outfit she bought just in case. She has heard that the coach has a thing for very slutty girls he meets in bars. Slipping into fishnets, heels, and a choker, she adds a special touch, a specially designed swimsuit in the school's colors. Surely the coach can't resist now. He gets one look at her body in the revealing suit and the sexy fishnets with slutty heels and he no longer sees her the same. Una knows she has him now and his dick is ready to give her what she craves. He stuffs it into her throat and is impressed by how well she sucks. Bending her over, he goes right to her ass. If she wants to dress and act like a slut, he is going to fuck her like one. She has never had such a big cock in her, but her body responds as he takes control and stuffs her holes. His aggressive thrusts match her filthy fantasies perfectly. He tosses her around, fucks her until she can't cum anymore, and then shoots his load all over her pretty face. She can't wait for their next private training session. (Video duration: 48:43)

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