Young and sexy in her sweet girl-next-door way, Emma Shay is cozy in bed with James Angel. Emma shows him SCORELAND on her phone and happily scrolls over her scenes. That adds fuel to the fire, and before long, they're fucking like crazy. Emma rides his cock hard and fast and twerks her ass as she gets power-drilled from behind. SCORELAND: What did you think of your scene with James Angel? Emma Shay: I thought it was a lot of fun and he was super hot! SCORELAND: What's your favorite part of your body? Emma Shay: My boobs! SCORELAND: Have you ever had anal sex? Emma Shay: Once, when I was super-drunk. SCORELAND: Where on your body is your favorite place to be touched? Emma Shay: My upper thighs. I love it so much! SCORELAND: When was the last time you had a sexy dream? Emma Shay: Maybe just a couple of weeks ago! SCORELAND: Have you ever cum during a sex dream? Emma Shay: No, I ... Big Boobs video featuring: Emma Shay, James Angel. (Video duration: 26:41)

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