One should not be afraid to splurge for their loved ones, especially when it comes to things like shoes. Venera Maxima knows that her partner, Lia Lin, loves high heels. As such, she didn't hesitate to get her a new pair while she was out shopping. When Venera comes home from shopping, she sees Lia on the bed. The slender brunette is busy applying white French toenail polish and cleaning her soles. The gorgeous blonde can't help but feel excited as she tells Lia about the new heels she got for her. Without wasting time, Venera shows Lia a new pair of strappy stilettos. Venera helps Lia wear the new heels. However, touching Lia's feet is enough to make her horny. Unable to control her lust, the naughty blonde starts kissing Lia's sexy feet. She teasingly slides her tongue between her toes before sucking them. Not wanting to let Venera do all the work, Lia also grabs her partner's feet. Lia licks Venera's toes and sucks her toes. After the simultaneous foot worship, Lia and Venera take off their clothes, revealing the beauty of their naked bodies. Lia continues worshiping Venera's sexy feet before finding her way to her juicy pussy. The skinny brunette excitedly explores Venera's pussy using her tongue. Venera returns the pleasure by doing the same thing to Lia. They take turns giving each other sensual pussy licking before scissoring with each other. The naughty girls continue shrimping while they grind their juicy pussies against each other. Venera gets on top of Lia's face, prompting the simultaneous pussy licking in the 69-position. Lia does the same thing, giving Venera the opportunity to enjoy the taste of her vagina while she sits on the blonde slut's face. The naughty hottie lies on the bed. They passionately kiss as they enjoy the orgasmic delight of their lesbian foot worship and pussy licking. Love Her Boobs video starring Lia Lin and Venera Maxima. (Video duration: 26:29)

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