Spilling the secret behind her success, Katrina Colt guides the younger Alexia Anders on the sensual path of keeping a husband and a boyfriend together by using her charm and a set of delectable feet. Aroused by the idea of showing the ropes to the Asian chick, the two ladies start with a make-out session before the guys arrive. Katrina's husband, Vince, goes straight into discarding her gradient pumps and teaches Alexia how to shrimp the dainty feet. As both of the chicks get comfortable and horny with the two studs, getting their feet worshipped, lapping the stallions' lips, and steamily touching their bodies, the atmosphere is too fiery to handle. Love Her Boobs video starring Alexia Anders, Katrina Colt, Milan Ponjevic and Vince Karter. (Video duration: 49:38)

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